HISTORY of Elvirasminde

Today, Elvirasminde deliver foam kisses all over the world, but do you know that the company was actually started back in 1866?

This is the history of Elvirasminde:

Elvirasminde was named in 1875 after a former owner’s wife, Elvira.

However, the company was founded as early as 1866, and for a long time the company produced various types of products, including confections, biscuits, soft drinks, water, and dried fruit. Over time, Elvirasminde grew and both the production area and the numbers of employees expanded. In 1925 Elvirasminde employed approximately 500 employees, producing daily 12 tons of chocolate and sugar products, including foam kisses.

In 1954, Elvirasminde, which had been converted to a private limited company, decided to concentrate its production mainly on foam kisses.

This decision lead to the modernization of the production facilities in 1960, after which the production grew to 200,000 foam kisses daily. This required as much egg whites as 8,000 to 10,000 hens could produce in one day!

I 1967 lukkede virksomheden i Århus og flyttede til nye, moderne lokaler i Hasselager. Denne fabrik brændte ned i 1985, hvorefter Elvirasminde etablerede sig i Skanderborg, hvor den stadig ligger.

In 1967, the company shut down in Århus and moved to a more modern location in Hasselager, just outside of Århus. Unfortunately, the company burnt down in 1985. Following this tragic event, the company was established in its current location in Skanderborg. The production of foam kisses has continued, and in 1988 the well-known brand name “Samba” was introduced. Elvirasminde merged with another foam kiss producer “Guf” in 1993.

Today, Elvirasminde produces between 1 and 2 million fresh high quality foam kisses every day in various sizes and flavours and for customers all over the world.