The Foam Kisses Way to You


What are foam kisses actually made of?
How are the delicious Samba foam kisses made?
What does a foam kiss factory look like?

You can read about all of this below!…

The production and distribution process can roughly be divided into three

1. The raw materials – what are foam kisses made of?
2. The production of foam kisses – how are foam kisses made?
3. The distribution – how do foam kisses end up in your store?

1. The raw materials – what are foam kisses made of?

Basically, foam kisses consist of sugar, eggs, cocoa coating, coconut and, of course, the crispy wafer base.

High quality, creamy, airy egg white and sugar filling are the signature characteristics of Samba foam kisses, so naturally, only the best ingredients are used. It is quite an art form because only the best sugar and egg whites can be used. The highest quality ingredients have to be carefully selected and put together properly in order to produce the delicious Samba foam kisses.

Therefore, Elvirasminde takes great care in selecting and putting together the right ingredients for its Samba foam kisses. All of the ingredients are carefully chosen and tested in our own laboratory, not only before purchasing the ingredients, but also throughout the entire production process. This method ensures that the Samba foam kisses are always of the highest quality.

2. The production of foam kisses – how are foam kisses made?

The production of foam kisses start with the light, airy filling. Sugar, egg whites and other ingredients are whipped to a creamy, light filling.

The light filling are placed on the crisp wafer base in the desired size, for example, “mini” or “mega”.


Next, the foam kisses are covered with a cocoa coating and sometimes sprinkled with coconut to get the “coconut” foam kiss.

Now, the foam kisses are finished, but they need time to cool down before they are packed. Foam kisses are very delicate, so careful handling is very important. Therefore, the packaging of the Samba foam kisses is usually done by hand.

At every stage of production, samples are taken to undergo quality control and ensure that only products of the highest quality reach the consumer...


3. The distribution – how do foam kisses end up in your store?

After the foam kisses are packed, they are transported to the warehouse, where they are made ready for immediate shipment to guarantee the highest quality and freshness - the characteristics of Samba foam kisses.

Elvirasminde only produces the products after orders are received – no Samba foam kisses are kept in stock! From the warehouse the Samba foam kisses are transported to a store near you.

A large quantity of the products is exported, mainly to European markets, but also to such distant countries as the United States and countries in the Middle East. Exporting is of course difficult, as foam kisses are very delicate and fragile products, which a short shelf life. Therefore, shipments to overseas destinations are frozen and transported by ship, allowing them to arrive fresh.

You might ask yourself, “Why aren’t foam kisses transported by air? It is so much quicker!”

Air transport is not possible because the pressure in the airplane makes the foam kisses expand and crack. Therefore, the foam kisses must be transported by truck or ship.








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